We're working towards transforming industries into cleaner, safer and better workplaces.

We're working towards transforming industries into cleaner, safer and better workplaces.




• A minimum of one year after sales support for all equipment

• To provide you the best of AIRTAS ENVIRONICS continued support experience, kindly renew your AMC periodically

• Perfect and timely solutions for your requirements based on available equipment usage data stored in our cloud database.

Design-Build Engineering

• Succeeding in not just offering best solutions but also in understanding our customer and building lasting relationships

• Understanding your need for improved indoor air quality, raw material handling, and health & safety concerns inside industrial plants and workshops

• Experts in design-build engineering achieved by our hands on experience of step by step assistance in delivering custom made solutions

Sustainable Development

• We are focused on making a positive impact in the industries, society and the environment.

• Our skilled workforce and our patronising customers help us for a to achieve this providing us a sustainable growth too.

• Energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and sustainable innovation are our key areas that drives us.

Quality of Service

• Manufacturing journey is perfected by employee specially trained for AIRTAS ENVIRONICS quality standards

• Highly capable and efficient workforce combined with top notch raw materials at the equipment facility, makes us proud of our manufacturing outputs

• Ensuring enhanced product performance and lifecycle, on schedule deliveries are also made possible every time and anywhere

Our Clients


We went above and beyond to create a fantastic experience. Perfectly crafted to suite your Workplace.