Compact and Portable Downdraft Table Workstations for Cleaner & Safer Surface Preparation Operations.
Designed for small components and fair usage
For: Cutting, Deburring, Grinding, Sanding, Buffing, Polishing Operations


  • Food Grade (S.S 304, 316 Grades)
  • Fire Proof Model
  • Pulse Jet
  • Variable Height Adgustment
  • Customisable As Per Needs


  • Grinding / Deburring
  • Sanding / finishing
  • Soldering / buffing
  • Powder mixing
  • Welding


  • Captures dust right from the source of production to ensure your right to safe and healthy indoor air quality
  • High suction power, yet low noise to help you work in a more peaceful environment
  • Best in the market, in terms of design, pricing and working.